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Jan8-06, 07:21 PM
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This seem to be a contraversial issue but does lifting weights during the early teenage years or just before puberty like 14, stunt growth?

I am talking about often but normal weight training like 1 hour sessions for 5-6 times a week and with relatively normal weights although on the heavy side like 10 repetitions.

It shouldn't have to do with growth hormones because growing muscles uses different hormones to growing bones. It is not like you scarificed bone growth for muscle growth?

So it comes down to stunting the growth of bones due to putting excessive strain on them?

So if someone was really stunted due to lifiting weights, they would by the time they become adults, have relatively large hands and feet but relatively short arms, legs, body and other parts that they put strain on.

Is that how it works or is it much more complicated and entangled like bone growth hormones all round are reduced due to excessive excercising like lifting weights?
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