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Jan10-06, 10:13 AM
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Quote Quote by DocToxyn
What I find strange about the pic -
The "eye" is significantly larger than normal kitten eyes would be at that postnatal time.
Kittens are born with their eyes closed and do not open them for at least several days and this one supposedly only survived one day.
The singular form of Cyclops is not spelled with an "es".
Based on this, my general impression about the picture and what I know can be easily done in Photoshop, I'm hesitant to believe it.
Interestingly, the human fetal Cyclopes I've seen seemed to have eyes that were significantly larger than a normal fetal/neonatal eye. Also, the eye was exposed, the fused set of eyelids presumably not having enough reach to cover the organ.

I've not seen fetal cyclopes of other mammals, but from my memory of what human fetal monsters look like, I don't see a reason to doubt the authenticity of this image.