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Jan11-06, 03:41 AM
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Mathman, but how do we know where the singularity is from? Does the singularity that is the source of all the matter and light (where the big bang occurred) in this universe from the edge of the universe surrounding it or is it in the center?? Where is the singularity to begin with? If we were to go in the direction light travels from would we reach the singularity?

Also, although our visibility maybe limited, what does it look like beyond the galaxies we can see? Is it just empty black space or the singularity?

Chronos, is our galaxy really at the extreme edge of the universe? How do we know this? And if so do we know what part of the universe we are at? If the universe is flat with a similar shape of a rectangle we can be "North", "South", "East", or "West" of the center of the universe right?