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Oct29-03, 09:29 AM
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Expansion slows down and then speeds up

Originally posted by meteor
A recent survey pinpoints the "cosmic jerk" to happens 5 billion of years ago:
great article
Bigtimers like Frank Wilczek and Michael turner getting into the act
Hard to understand how someone at a small paper like
the Contra Costa Times could have done so much research
maybe there was an attribution to some news service and I just didnt see it, the dateline was Cleveland where Adam Reiss announced the result

I will do a search with author's names like Adam Reiss and
Joseph Lykken and see if other articles come up

how do you find articles like this, meteor?
it is fantastic to think of people seeing Type 1A supernovae
as far away as 7 to 10 billion LY.

they should call it cosmic growth "inflection" point instead of "cosmic jerk"
the place where convex changes over to concave