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Jan22-06, 10:05 AM
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Perhaps not what i was asking, but thanks for the reading.
humm.. From you link, the concept of vacuume is define as a 'volume of space', but the 'space' here is a spatial concept defned only within the universe. In other word, vacuum inself has no meaning for something 'outside' ....
i read that these quantum fluctuation demands the presents of spaces, and all the implication that comes along with space( may be a larger unverse?). So perhaps our universe exist within a larger universe, and 'that' universe itself must exist in a 'larger larger' universe. To continue this line of reason, it is apparent that theory leads to absurdity, because our question is still open. Where did all the mass in all these universes came from?
I don't suppose that the universe could collapse back into nothing. For that would seem to violate causality -something producing nothing. In philosophical terms that would be a "denial of the consequences".

So I wonder if space shrinking at all would be the same denial of consequence, violation of causality. Must the universe only expand and not contract?