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Nov2-03, 03:25 PM
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Originally posted by decibel
if there were aliens what makes you think that if were scared of them, they wont be scared of us...they might be as much terrefied of us as were petrafied by them,......they jus might wanna steal our resources and our oxygen lol
This becomes a question of time and technology. Presently, using known physics it appears that interstellar travel is highly unlikely. Ideas like Warp drive and hyperspace drive are rooted in science, but whether such technologies will ever be possible is highly speculative at best; at worst [or perhaps to our benefit], these technologies will never be possible. If they will ever be possible, it appears that the energy requirements would exceed anything that we could manage for a very long time - like thousands or millions of years. Michio Kaku discusses this some I think in his book Hyperspace.

By the foregoing reasoning, it would seem that any ET visitor would be so technologically advanced, and by implication intellectually advanced, and maybe even more highly evolved than us by some relative measure, that we might be lucky to be considered an intelligent life form at all. ET may think of us much like we think of apes; or even ants.

On the other hand, perhaps such lofty concepts such as Warp or Hyperspace drives are only one discovery away. In this case the universe could be a very well traveled place; and any visitors may be only slightly more advanced than us if at all. But this requires that we presently have dramatic gaps in our understanding of physics that seem very unlikely. So, in all likelihood and as a best case scenario, should he show up, we should hope that ET will either ignore us because we are too boring, or that he thinks of us fondly as his pet humans.