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Mr. Robin Parsons
Nov4-03, 01:08 PM
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Originally posted by sage
andre since you are trying to provoke a discussion on global warming it is advisable that you give the link to that HUGE global warming debate we had had on sciforums with edufer for others to see so that we donot have to reinvent the entire wheel from scratch once again.(i could have given the link but i do not know how).
Go to the site, copypaste the address onto a page is that simple, the system will do the rest.

If you want a nicer looking link you can use the explainations of the vB codes to do that,
[ url="Insert your url address here"]type you links text here[/ url]

And note that to stop the system from using that particular code, I have spaced the first bracket, one space away, from the 'url' as to fool the machine, so it doesn't hide that writing.