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Nov4-03, 01:37 PM
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Originally posted by volantis
Did you analyze my logic of quantifying the strong charge?
Yes, and it's steaming bear ****.
Did you check to see if other scientists also believe that the strong force is due to an electromagnetic phenomenon?
Yes. High-energy physicists believe the strong force is one of the four fundamental forces, and is a peer with electromagnetism. No one except you believes that strong force is electromagnetic. If it were, why would we have two names for it?
The leptons interact strongly. It occurs in an electron plasma.
Electrons also have electromagnetism. Electromagnetism does not come from the electrostatic Coulomb charge of the electron.
Electromagnetism is a force.
There is no magnetism in electrostatic charge.
For an observer moving in relative motion, there sure is.
There has to be a second type of charge to account for electromagnetism.
We call that charge "electromagnetic charge." The strong charge, which is entirely different, is called "colour."
If you analyze my theory you will find that it accurately predicts the strong charge for the proton and neutron and that this strong charge is exactly 100 times greater than the elementary charge.
Well, that's wrong!
It is logical that if proton and neutron structure have electromagnetic charge that exactly coincides with the empirical strong nuclear force, then the electron would have similar characteristics.
If an apple is red, it is logical that bananas would be, also.
Notice that the electron strong charge is far weaker than the proton or neutron strong charge. This is fully consistent with the fact that electrons only bind at extremely high energies but remain like a fluid at "normal" energies.
Like.... a fluid?
Others have noticed that the strong nuclear force is electromagnetic in nature...
Do you really think linking me to ANOTHER delusional rambling crackpot's website is really going to make you MORE credible?
But if you are so certain I am wrong, explain exactly the law that governs the strong nuclear force, and the dimensions the strong nuclear force acts upon.
The strong nuclear force is due to a gauge field governed by the SU(3) gauge group. The quanta of the field are called gluons.
Let's see if you're going to serve up the nonsense of imaginary -W and +W particles that magically stick together and have no mathematical relationship to the other forces.
You're really demonstrating your complete, thorough ignorance for me. The W and Z bosons couple the WEAK FORCE, not the STRONG.

- Warren