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Feb23-06, 11:19 AM
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Hi guys!
I have the most irritating problem. I'm studying correspondence and need to submit assignments online, so all my assignments need to be wordprocessed. I'm busy with a calculus assignment that requires that I sketch graphs of quadratic surfaces. The problem is, we're not allowed graphing calculators, so (I suppose) we're also not allowed to use software that graphs functions for you. What I need is a little program, like MS Paint, but with standard shapes such as parabolas, hyperbolas, elipses etc. in stead of just the normal circle, square, triangle options. Numbered axes would be a bonus!! I need this program to be my pen and paper (if you know what I mean), nothing more, and I need to be able to save the file as a jpg or bmp so I can insert in into a Word doc.
Please, if anyone knows of something like this, please let me know! I really dont want to have to draw by hand and scan... I suck at drawing!
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