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Nov7-03, 02:48 PM
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At the beginning of my first thread I'd like to introduce myself

I'm Alexander and I live in Bavaria .... because of this my English sometimes is really bad ... But I hope you all can understand me...
And my hobbies are: Basketball, Latin (or in general: languages), Uncycling ...
If somebody of you needs help with Latin - or German, of course - I will perhaps be able to help him/her

But let's talk about my problem:

I'm reading a book about the relativity theory (Sorry ... I don't know what's the correct English word - in German it's "Relativitätstheorie" ) . The author says that everything (i.e. the time and the space) is distorted only to keep difference t²-x² constant. But I don't understand why ...
The book says that t = g-faktor and things like that ....
I don't understand this.

I would be very very very very very .... grateful for help and I hope that you have understood the sense of my question at least (because of my mistakes of course )

Thank you and good night ...
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