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Nov8-03, 03:41 AM
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Originally posted by TonySlim
I'm stealing the following from somewhere, but I don't remember where. "Why do we have to assume they're more advanced than us because they have more advanced technology? Look at the people around you in thier cars on the road. Could these people have built thier cars at home? Do they look like they even know why thier cars work?Maybe we'll get the ET version of these people". I don't believe this, but it's funny.

I'd think that if they were advanced enough to get here, they'd understand other cultures didn't have to resemble thiers. I'm able to accept Floridians as having a society of sorts, so I trust ET will see it, too.
No doubt this is all highly speculative, but this goes the time elapsed since developing technology. Will we grow more advanced as we continue to evolve? If we continue on our present course without becoming extinct for whatever reason, what kind of human will our technology produce in another million years? Who knows? If we play the odds and call upon my one of my favorite sets of laws, the laws of large numbers, according to the latest revised edition of these laws, I guess we must expect that both situations could occur. We might expect the Q and the Ferringi. Yikes!

Let's hope for a lonely universe.