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Apr5-03, 09:56 AM
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Originally posted by russ_watters
This one isn't all that colossal then, is it? I've heard squid can be 100 feet long. Maybe thats just a mariner's myth though.
Evidence has been found of giant squid over 75 feet in length. However, it would appear that this Colossal Squid has shorter limbs, but a larger body, making it heavier. And I believe the article does mention that this specimen is "half grown".

As for giant squid attacking sperm whales, this is now almost universally accepted to be incorrect. It was a story that grew out of the evidence of succer-disk scars on the hides of sperm whales. But it is now generally accepted that these scars are the result of the whales attacking the squid, which appear to constitute a chief food source for them.