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Nov10-03, 06:28 PM
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Is anyone aware of any theories or studies examining the relationship between the behaviour of the cosmos and that of human beings? For example: The gravitational pull of large (or small) bodies in nature causes them to be attracted to or repelled from each other, human beings are attracted to or repelled by other humans. Are aspects of our behaviour a microcosim of what is obviously a very massive and very ancient universe?

Last night after I thought about my question a bit more I realized that some might take me to mean that I was fascinated in something akin to astrology-my idea is a bit different.

I am aware that astrology seeks to describe the influence of the stars on human behaviour, but what I'm talking about is more sublime. The science of cosmology, which can be both quantified and qualified in scientific terms is relatively new and discoveries are being made about the behaviour of matter, from the subatomic level to the level of stars and star systems.

Here's my attempt at a syllogism:

the universe is composed of matter and energy (basically).
those elements interact with each other in myriad ways, accross time and space.
our physical bodies are umtimately composed of those elements, therefore we are a reflection of a very very ancient cosmos, one that is constantly evolving.
all matter (and energy) in the cosmos is ultimately recycled
therefore if our bodies are composed of some form of recycled cosmic material are not our souls as well?
and, is it possible that our very social systems, as well as our individuality are reflections of some form of yet to be discovered cosmic order?

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