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Mar30-06, 01:37 AM
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[QUOTE=RandallB]Bellís inequality & Aspectís experiment have nothing to do with a violation of relativity. It deals the issue of "local" vs the probablities used in QM. (ref: links above)

In order to supply a result that distinguishes between hidden variables and quantum mechanics it was necessary to spatially separate the detectors so the interval between measurements of paired photons was space-like. The reason for this is that in the case of the hidden variables there is no way to predict how the results on measured paired photons would correlate. Thus by chance the hidden variable interactions could have provided the same correlations as that predicted by quantum mechanics as long as there was some means of communicating between the detection events.

By isolating the detection events in space-time an upper limit is definitely established for the level of correlation that can be achieved by the hidden variables model.

As the results appear to correspond with those predicted by quantum mechanics a flavour of the super-luminal must be added to our view of the world.