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Apr10-06, 03:22 PM
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I'm kind of abandoning this idea now because it would require that a mapping of the acceleration due to gravity with respect to the distance from the object that is producing the gravitational field to be non-symmetrical, like selfAdjoint mentioned. In fact for a magnet of some size, like a perfect sphere the size of a basketball, the gravitational field produced by that object would have to be non-symmetrical, meaning that if you were to orbit around that sphere always keeping the same distance d from that object, you'd experience slight variations in the gravitational force. That's what i meant as not-smooth, or complex. The visual interpretation would be, instead of the curved funnel shape of a ball weighing down on some cloth-like surface, that of an object weighing down on a non-cloth like surface, thus also causing outgoing ripples in that surface (a non smooth curving), not necessarily concentric, but fanning out from the center, or some other pattern, depending on the properties of the sphere. The idea would then be that depending on how the curvatures induced by two neighboring objects interact, valleys or peaks might be generated, a valley attracting the two objects, and a peak repulsing the two objects. I was just trying to avoid using extra dimensions, and work with what we already have to try to interpret magnetism.