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Apr23-06, 04:10 PM
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Zooby is always talking about Asperger's, so I am posting this test in his honor.
I'm not sure "always" comes close to being accurate: I started one thread about it. "Always" applies more closely, if we're using the term "always" to mean "frequently", to my interest in simple partial seizures.

Aspergers is fascinating and I was especially interested in this piece:

which a woman who believed she had Asperger's alerted me to a couple years ago. She later wrote to Tony Atwood telling her story and recieved an e-mail back saying he thought there was a very good chance she had the syndrome and would probably recieve this diagnosis from any well versed psychiatrist (which is a rare thing to find). She thought it fit her like a glove and explained a slew of things about her that had merely confused her shrinks for years.

The linked article explains how girls with Aspergers develop very differently than boys. It doesn't cause the same problems for girls and girls are more adept at finding ways of adjusting without bringing inordinate attention to themselves. They don't stand out the way boys with Aspergers do.