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by al2six
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Dec16-03, 12:54 AM
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this is kind of off topic... but anyway, I'm a freshman in engineering at purdue and i was really suprised by the low number of kids who passed out of 2 semesters of calc like i did. in my high school of about 1000, we had about 40 kids in BC calc. Only 4 didn't get a 5 on the ap exam. is my school something unusual? i never thought it was until i got to purdue and barely anyone had even taken bc calc.
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Dec16-03, 12:59 AM
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My high school had the IB program and we were only able to take the AB exam. I took the college equivalent to first quarter calculus my junior year of high school but we did other stuff senior, like 3-d geometry and other crap that was basically useless.

I know of no high schools around here that offer anything past AB calculus. Everyone takes classes at the local CC.

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