Another Paradox of Time Travel

by timejim
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Dec27-03, 11:18 AM
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What if an individual engaged in time travel, going backwards thru time, were to die while at some point in the past. Would they "die" while in the Past? Or would their existence still be tied to "where they were" before traveling to the Past? Would this mean that a "time traveler" would have some sort of "link" to the point in Time before traveling backwards thru time? Does this mean that Time travel is not possible beacause of a "death" factor?
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Dec31-03, 09:23 PM
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As commonly, the time travel isn't to change the nature include life to get away , in life the complex very to end its life it is stopped, and the time travel isn't this line same. in this words, many many progresses to go front, but the time travel is a humans future, it is only some one in these, but it is value very. don't commonly.

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