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*WHAT makes Earth ROTATE*?

by thinkies
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Feb3-08, 02:31 PM
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Here's some good information, helps me a little.
Tiny changes can produce drastic results, we need special instruments to measure some changes.
Now for something very visual, watch the rear wheels of a dragster when the starting light turns green, spin rate really makes a difference.
If climate change is caused by a slowing of earth's rotational speed, my question would be, (can), and how much rocket force, would produce an increase of any magnitude, if they were placed at proper angles and spaced around the globe at maximum elevations, and fired at the same time. I can't do the math (yet) but i do believe that thoughts like this can lead to some thoughts that might prove worthwhile.
Feb3-08, 06:37 PM
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Quote Quote by OmCheeto View Post
I think a more practical way to do it would be to pump the earths mantle up a space elevator and let it solidify into a dyson ring.
This would be a tad moe difficult for citizen participation.

Which also answers your other question:

Why do we want to change the earth's rotation?
Because it's a cheap and fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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