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Hp 50g Equation Libraries

by nkk2008
Tags: equation, libraries
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Mar23-08, 12:19 AM
P: 33
Does anyone know if (and how) I could add equations to my equation library?
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Mar26-08, 03:08 PM
P: 33
Ok, so no one knows how to do that. But, I have another question.

How do I install a program on my calculator? I downloaded a program to my computer, hooked up the calculator, but I have no idea where/how to save the file so that I can use it on the calc. I tried what the manual said, but it did not work, so I am obviously doing something wrong.
Jul23-08, 03:28 PM
P: 1
Download HP50G User Guide and it tells you how to store equations if you look under how the file structure works.

You need to create a new sub-directory under your home it what ever you feel like. Change to that directory

Create your equation in writer
Send to stack
Start new line in stack and enter your variable name in single quotes
Press Sto
You may have to pre create your variable name in the file directory if this does not work.

The reason it is so hard to find how to do it, is becuase you need to look for how to create a variable and store it. You are actually creating a variable then storing the equation in it.

Hope this helps

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