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Homemade DC motor cart help

by RonB
Tags: cart, homemade, motor
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Feb14-09, 03:36 PM
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Newbee here, hope this is the place for this kind of question.

I want to fab a cart that will carry about 200 lbs. It will be something I will stand behind, holding like a handlebar at waist height with a throttle. Gearing (chain and sprocket is what I'm thinking) would need to give a top speed of a walking pace (2-3 mph) as a constant speed. Also need several hours of use before recharging.

I believe something like a scooter motor, battery, throttle, etc. is what I need but not sure what watt dc motor, sprockets, would be required to handle that weight, speed.

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Feb15-09, 12:53 AM
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Welcome to PF, Ron.
The easiest solution would be to visit a wheelchair supply company. I have 3 wheelchair motors that are 1/2 hp, 12VDC, with 2 sets of field coils that can be wired in either parallel or series for more torque or more speed. The outputs are worm drive to chain sprocket. Check into surplus places, though; these things cost about $300 each retail. I got them for $10 each from a guy who didn't want them any more.

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