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What is the process for Sample Preperation?

by LatexZone
Tags: preperation, process, sample
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Mar17-10, 10:14 AM
P: 91

I was just wondering, what is the sample preperation when using a Transmission Electron

Just that I am in to Forensic Science and would like to know the preperation to examine specimens/samples preperation.

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Mar17-10, 11:17 AM
P: 91
Does anyone even understand the question? :d Have I made myself clear? :P
Mar17-10, 04:26 PM
P: 91

Mar17-10, 05:08 PM
P: 52
What is the process for Sample Preperation?

hello LatexZone,

i really have no idea at all about Sample Preperation, but there are lots of links on the subject including-

i hope this helps

all the best
Mar17-10, 06:08 PM
P: 91
Something I can just read from and use in my study would be more ideal as all websites you provided me with have different preperations. Confusing me now :P
Mar17-10, 08:07 PM
P: 52
Oh, im sorry about that. I hope you find the right answer soon. Good luck

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