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Pig Metamorphosis

by ThomasEdison
Tags: metamorphosis
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Mar25-10, 09:12 PM
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The physical changes that pigs undergoe while changing from domestic to feral within the same pigs life is what I have been searching for on the internet for a long time now and I can't find anything.
Does anyone have a source to site or any information links etc?

I haven't been able to find out this information anywhere.

I don't care about changes over the course of many generations of pigs ; I mean the physical transformations that take place when a single pig goes feral within days or weeks or months of escaping captivity. These changes were mentioned in two documentaries on Discovery Channel about Pigs called Pig Bomb and Hogzilla. I haven't been able to dig anything up on this since.
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Stephen Jones
Mar27-10, 11:10 AM
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This is one of a right answer.

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