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by !kx!
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Jul10-10, 01:14 AM
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Hi all...
I am just starting off with the monte carlo methods...
I have done some work with self avoiding walks and ising models..

Can someone suggest some project that can be taken on as part of a Master's thesis..

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Jul28-10, 05:42 PM
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Consider the random-field Ising model and create correlations in the random field; possibly in a way that you have a parameter X such that X=0 is the RFIM and the limit X->1 gives the Ising model. For an infinite-sized system you should still have RFIM for X<1. For a finite-size model you would expect crossover effects when the typical length scales of the obstacles approach the size of the system. You could look at these effects but unless you find an advisor who is familiar with Monte-Carlo and the RFIM that might be a bit too hard (it might also not be - but don't jump into it without a judgement from an expert who has thought it through; I just brainstormed).

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