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Build a New System! Some A/V and Moderate Gaming Requirements

by mugaliens
Tags: a or v, build, gaming, moderate, requirements
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Oct21-10, 11:53 PM
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This thread is for those of us who either don't do gaming, or who do some decent, but not high-end gaming, and would simply prefer to upgrade or build our own systems.

Please do include links to reviews and online parts in your posts (although not 20 links per post, please, yech!). Please refrain from discussing systems or components about which you have little or no direct experience, unless you've done your homework on them (reading someone else's review doesn't count) and you're on the verge of buying this or that part because ____________________. <--- This is the critical part, as we'd like to know why, in detail, you'd recommend a component.

How did this come about?

I was having problems with my laptop and external monitor, which I've been using exclusively for the last 2-1/2 years since my last mobo went ZZZT! in a puff of smoke. I don't need to cover the problems with my laptop or monitor, as I covered them here.

In my last post there, however, I said the following:
"Meanwhile, I think it's time to dig my 1,000W supertower, complete with already installed 2 TB of RAID 5 hard drives (and another 1.5 TB of external storage) out of mothballs, add a motherboard, processor, memory, and a video card, fire it up with a recently purchased copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, and bring my LG monitor back online."
So, I'm building a new system!

Here's what I already own:

1. Power supply: 1,000W

2. Tower: ATX, 4 x 5-1/4" front-loading bays CD/DVD/Blu-Ray or front access panels, six internal hard drive bays, space for five fans, total.

3. Fans (five of them, all in great working order)

4. Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System (I'm choosing the 64-bit option)

5. 26" 1920x1200x60hz monitor

6. Cables galore

Here's what I need:

7. Processor

8. Motherboard

9. Memory

10. Video card

Budget: $1,000

Design goals:

A. Balanced Interoperability within budget: This is the ultimate design goal. Thus, I don't need a screaming video card that spends half it's time waiting on the processor or memory. Neither do I need a $300 mobo with substandard proc, mem, or video card performance. If you're coming in at $600 for all components, though, I'm interested, but I'd like to know what capabilities I'm giving up between $600 and $1,000. Might be minimal (I'd consider 15% minimal), but it might also be the difference between the ability to fully process Blu-Ray video/audio vs DVD video/audio (my audio system already handles DTS with aplomb, so no need to go there) or meet other A/V and gaming design goals. I the only thing I'll get for my additional $400 would be that 15%, I'll thank you and buy you dinner the next time you're in town! On the other hand, if that $400 would have made the difference between my proc and graphics working together at 50% vs 90% capacity, or any other significant system suboptimization, then I'd rather spend the funds now vs later.

B. Sufficient processor and graphics to fly the latest version of X-Planes or MS Flight Sim X with (mostly) full scenery without dropping frames (say, minimum 30 fps).

The goal isn't to max out 2012's 3D version of Chrysalis, so $1,000 processors or $600 video cards are out of the question. It's to play moderately-intensive games at 1920x1200 resolution or better about a third of the time; another third devoted to DVD and eventually Blu-Ray. The final third is message boarding.

Oh, and I write, a LOT, in addition to doing various things with photography and videography, but with my monitor, if you achieve the previous goals, it'll work just fine for meeting these somewhat mediocre audio/visual goals. :)

C. I'd also like multi-monitor out capability, with the following specific monitor requirements:
1. Monitor 1: HDMI/DVI

2. Monitor 2: VGA (15-pin) (can also include a DVI to VGA adapter)
D. 8 GB Ram, if possible given the budget, otherwise I'll settle for 4 GB now, expandable to 8 GB without throwing away existing memory.

Folks, I think this might prove fun! At any rate, I'll keep you appraised of the progress, purchases, and building of my system, along with pics. :)

But ONLY for those who help! Muhahahaha!!!

Just kidding. For all, to be sure, but I would appreciate your help, so thank you in advance!
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Nov2-10, 03:53 PM
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Are you still working on this? Because designing a new system always gives me a happy little twitch. I love picking out parts and trying to stay under budget.
Nov4-10, 03:36 PM
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You are over thinking this, or maybe too excited :D.

Ok dude, so if you want to be future proof, I would get a x58 mobo with a core i7 920 (bloomfield), otherwise you could settle with p55 and a Lynnfield proc (i5 or i7).

If you want top spec, the x58 combo will cost you ~400-500, and it is truly beast. Otherwise you could settle for lynnfield combo for ~300.

Next you want a SSD as you booting drive, this will solve much of your bottlenecks. Either way you go, I would highly suggest getting a SSD. The intel x-25m is around $90 now, albeit only 40 gb.

As of RAM, you can buy 6 gb of DDR3 ram for about 100.

In total, x58 mobo+ i7 920+40 gb SSD+6gb RAM will be about 700. Keep in mind that the with this price you will get the very best MOBO on the market, which is about ~250.

For reviews etc. I would suggest going to newegg, type in what you want to buy, and sort the search results by the number of reviews. Generally, products that have several hundred our thousand reviews and 5 eggs are foolproof.

Im planning to re-do my rig too soon :P , but I am just itching for more monitors. I currently have a 23" and a 22". I would love to get a dell 27/30" IPS panel *drool*. You can never have enough screen real estate unfortunately :).

PS: I personally think that any of the procs will be more than enough. I might upgrade my rig to an i5, because the benchmarks are just insane. So really, any of these choiches would be more than enough, even overkill. You could check out AMDs affordable 6 core proc, but I generally dont trust AMD with processors any more, but really its a matter of opinion. AMD is cheaper if you want to go that route. Also don't forget about overclocking if you are interested.

Nov4-10, 03:39 PM
P: 46
Build a New System! Some A/V and Moderate Gaming Requirements

i forgot about the video card.

This would be quite decent, maybe overkill. 2 HDMI ports and 2 DVI ports, 1 gb GDDR5 ram.
Nov11-10, 03:44 AM
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I just built a complete i7 870 rig (already had the monitor, but nothing else) for $750, so shopping around should be able to get you a monster for 1k. Although I went cheap on the graphics card because I have no need for intense gaming graphics, it should be able to handle flight sim to your satisfaction. If not, another $50 would easily do it and $100 would be overkill.

I saved money going with the i7 1156 platform over 1366 by allowing for cheaper mobo and less RAM up front (lower wattage was also a factor since it's a daily use computer) and benchmarks actually favored the i7 870 over the i7 930 which was current at the time.

If you're still looking for info, I'll wait to post up details/suggestions/links when I haven't been at work all night.
Nov11-10, 09:48 PM
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Quote Quote by S_Happens View Post
If you're still looking for info, I'll wait to post up details/suggestions/links when I haven't been at work all night.
where do you work?
Nov12-10, 03:34 AM
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Quote Quote by haxtor21 View Post
where do you work?
I work in a chemical plant. These past few "days" I've been working on the night shift.

Edit- I'll be back on a normal schedule starting today, so maybe this afternoon or the next day I'll post up some details.
Nov12-10, 05:20 PM
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Quote Quote by S_Happens View Post
I work in a chemical plant. These past few "days" I've been working on the night shift.

Edit- I'll be back on a normal schedule starting today, so maybe this afternoon or the next day I'll post up some details.
Ahh I see. Would you happen to know what kind of night job I could find where I could code? Im a bit of a night owl, and would like to get paid for staying up so late :). Im a student btw.

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