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Fortran character array

by Gugga
Tags: array, character, code, fortran, initialize
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Jan1-11, 05:18 AM
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Hello all,

I have some data stored in character*1 array(value,value) apparently the code is in f77, i got the original reading code for the data as a text...
I am working in f90, and to the extend of my knowledge (not much in fortran) I can not declare such 2D array as character?
How can I read this data using f90?
When I tried compiling the code, I declared it like this:

character(1) :: array(value,value)

and I get the error: "array requires initializer"

perhaps I am blind and super easy, but I am stuck and i need this to continue my thesis... thanks!
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Jan3-11, 06:22 AM
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So I figured it out... for future reference, depending on the compiler it is possible that wont accept a parameter declaration if it is in parenthesis... so I had declared like this:

integer(4), parameter :: (value1=4596, value2=1345)
character(1), dimension(value1,value2) :: array

instead it should be

integer(4), parameter :: value1=4596, value2=1345
character(1), dimension(value1,value2) :: array


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