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Stephen Hawking contra philosophy

by BenVitale
Tags: contra, hawking, philosophy, stephen
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Feb5-11, 01:57 PM
P: 133
Article : Hawking contra Philosophy

Do you think Stephen Hawking's comments on philosophy ought to be embarrassing to the great physicist?
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Feb5-11, 02:07 PM
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If you wish to re-post this according to the guidelines and new rules for Philosophy, you can try again. Otherwise you're just asking for an opinion. You didn't even mention what your own thoughts were, although you tried to lead the reader to a certain point of view.

In general, one should attempt to flesh out questions and arguments in the philosophy forums adequately enough that readers will have a good understanding of the problem, the backdrop against which it resides, and the justification of one's perspective. This might include

* explicitly defining key terms;
* justifying why this is a valid issue or problem in the first place;
* explicitly stating starting premises or assumptions;
* providing logical or empirical support for such premises or assumptions;
* making subtle logical steps more explicit;
* summarizing previous arguments made on the topic and explaining how they are relevant to your argument;
* etc.

And the new additional rules.

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