What's wrong with this FTL experiment?

by San K
Tags: collapse, entanglement, ftl, wave function
San K
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Apr19-11, 02:13 AM
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Bell's theorem doesn't necessarily say it's non-local, it just says it's inconsistent with a certain set of assumptions about the laws of physics which physicists label as "local realism". You can mess with the "realism" part if you don't want to mess with the "local" part, for example the many-worlds interpretation drops the assumption that each experiment has a single unique outcome, and thus its advocates say it can preserve locality without violating Bell's theorem (see this post for some references).
the challenge, in my mind, with MWI is that, it leads to creation of infinite worlds......at each event..... worlds with various scenarios ("separated by multiples of plank's constant) are created....

also can you pls take a look at the below post? (beware that its not well articulated)

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Apr19-11, 05:33 AM
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Is there a difference between an electron changing spin in a high gravitational field and one changing spin in flatter spacetime?

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