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Recurrence Relation for Alpha beta filter

by SpartanG345
Tags: alpha, beta, filter, recurrence, relation
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May28-11, 07:59 PM
P: 72
The alpha beta filter equation is given by this

Xni = AXn + BXn-1

Xn-1 is subscript

i want to figure the solution to this recurrence relation, but is it a recurrence relation?

i am wondering weather alpha beta filters grow faster than exponential smoothing filters.

- i said it is a 1st order equation

where Xn = C1 (B/1-A)^n so alpha beta filtering grow polynomial
But i am not quite sure to find the grow rate of the exponential filtering equation
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Jun2-11, 06:15 PM
P: 72
sorry this is wrong, the alpha beta filter equation is not a recurrence relation..

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