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Best pressure measurement

by dries
Tags: measurement, pressure
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Aug5-11, 07:02 AM
P: 7
I wondered how you can measure (static) pressure, with an as high as possible accuracy. Could you share your experience about which sensor and setup you allready used?

I would like to measure the static pressure before and after a fan with an accuracy of 10[Pa]. Do you think this is possible?
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Bob S
Aug5-11, 03:05 PM
P: 4,663
Do you mean 1 part in 10,000 of atmospheric pressure? Why the precision?
Aug6-11, 07:46 AM
P: 477
If you are trying to measure the DP across the fan you might manage it with an inclined manometer.

Aug6-11, 01:24 PM
P: 7
Best pressure measurement

Yes I mean 1/10000 of atmospheric pressure, the accuracy is needed to determine the flow from a fan curve.
Aug6-11, 02:40 PM
P: 22,286
I can't imagine why you need that much precision for a fan curve, but a mid-level digital manometer can do it:

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