Math prerequistes for pharmacist to understand relativity

by VinnyW
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Aug16-11, 03:37 AM
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I know someone posted something similar before. However, that person definitely has taken some advanced math classes before.
I am a biology/pharmacy major and I want to teach myself relativity. The most difficult math and physic classes I have taken are calculus 3 and physical chemistry respectively.
I am currently reading "Linear algebra and its applications by David C lay"
Can someone make up a list of books I need to read in order to understand relativity? How long will it take to read and understand all the prerequisites?
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Aug16-11, 04:01 AM
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As far as understanding Special Relativity goes, you should have the necessary math if you've got Calc 1 and Linear Algebra.

For General Relativity, the mathematical language is that of differential geometry and advanced linear algebra (tensor algebra). But I believe the typical student of GR picks up these topics as he studies the physics.

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