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Proof of time travel from future to past

by Studiot
Tags: future, proof, time, travel
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Oct6-11, 03:13 PM
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Today, October 6th 2011 I received my first official reminder about the electoral register form I obviously didn't complete on 15 October 2011 from the Registrar.
He further wrote

If for any reason you have been missed off the register, or your details have changed since 15 October 2011 (for example because you have moved) you should contact us immediately.
Well after trying unsuccessfully to apply Einsteins theory of simultainity to the concept of instantaneous contact I came to the conclusion that the only rational explanation is that the registrar has very kindly travelled back in time to deliver this message today.
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Oct6-11, 03:33 PM
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Proof enough for me!

Another PF first!
Oct6-11, 08:25 PM
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Looks legit to me.

Oct10-11, 11:49 AM
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Proof of time travel from future to past

I'd like to see a repeat experiment. Try reading the note again tomorrow. And again, yesterday.
Oct10-11, 12:49 PM
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And again, yesterday.
Oct10-11, 03:01 PM
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They can also probably tell you who you voted for in the next election, in case you have any second thoughts.

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