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Cyclops Shark

by Evo
Tags: cyclops, shark
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Oct18-11, 03:28 PM
Evo's Avatar
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Interesting article.
Cyclops shark

The Cyclops shark is an exception. While rare, "cyclopia" is a real developmental anomaly in which only one eye develops.
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Proton Soup
Oct18-11, 03:41 PM
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you see these kinds of birth defects in people, too, unfortunately.
Oct18-11, 03:42 PM
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One of the most grotesque pictures I've ever seen of developmental defects was of a baby that was born with nothing but one giant (malformed) eye on it's face. Needless to say it wasn't born live.

Oct19-11, 04:04 AM
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Cyclops Shark

What effect does cyclopsy have on brain functionality I wonder? Would it make everything in life seem 'straight forward' ha ha.

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