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Euclidean Quantum Gravity and its relevance

by Fractalismus
Tags: euclidean, gravity, quantum, relevance
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Jan2-12, 06:10 AM
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Hello all, I was wondering if Hawking's approach is still relevant. Found a book on his compilation of papers an amazon and had heard a talk by him suggesting it as a view to continue research. With all the hoo ha on M-theory and etc, would it be possible to buy this collection of papers for anything outside of its historical worth?

In addition, how relevant is "The Future of Cosmology" the set of papers written in honor of Hawking?

Most of my research deals with general relativity, looking at different means of quantization and seeking engineering applications/workarounds of the stress-energy tensor, in addition to solving chaotic systems posed in large scale structures numerically.
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Jan23-12, 01:06 AM
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So far it appears to have been mentioned in a book "Quantum Fluctuations of Spacetime"

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