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Where to start to make automation instrument ?

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Jan25-12, 02:55 AM
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Dear Experts,

I am currently in last year in university. My major is Electrical Engineering concentration in control. In my campus, I am given a lot of theory about EE rather than practical things (making instrument or robot).

And now I get my internship in manufacturing company that gives me project to detect whether the produced stuff (in this case cable for automotive) has match with the quality standard or no.

I start searching for previous year final project by online n offline but I dont get the stuff that can guide me step by step...

I am so confused!

Anyone there might help me? maybe lend me yours or share me your links or share your experience :D

Thank you so much for yout time and sharing.
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Jan25-12, 03:43 AM
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Start by deciding which parameters you need to measure, and with what accuracy.
Once that is done you can start worrying about the implementation.

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