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Education plans

by bsrishu
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Feb2-12, 01:13 PM
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i am just going to give my exams after two months. After that i will be free for 2-3 months, before i join any other institute.
I have done classical physics in detail in past two years.(not of engineering level, as i still hav to join a college)
i like physics very much.
Quantum world looks fascinating to me.
I want to know can i understand quantum physics own my own. If yes please suggest me some book with the ABC of quantum physics . Or should i do some other thing. Please help
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Feb2-12, 04:36 PM
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Griffiths book is a common starting point for many undergraduate students:

I haven't used the book before, but it seems to me that its purpose is a very gentle n soft introduction so that the reader can move to more detailed books.

One of my favorite books is:

Bare in mind that you are generally expected to be familiar with the basic matrix algebra and multivariable calculus (differential & integral equations would be an advantage), but typically the books are self-contained.

More advanced topics make more use of concepts from classical mechanics (no, I don't mean Newton's mechanics, but rather Lagrange & Hamilton formulations).
Hint: formulation = version

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