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by jaja1990
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Feb12-12, 08:34 PM
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I need two book recommendations for each of the following, one classical (i.e. covers the subject in detail, more like a reference, and influential if such book exists) and one as a quick study material.

The topics:-

1) Algebra
2) Geometry
3) Trigonometry
4) Calculus

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Feb13-12, 05:48 AM
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For Precalculus (that is, the stuff before Calculus):
One recommendation that I've seen here is Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang (ignore the book cover graphic - it's wrong), which would cover the basics of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. (However, I've also read of one dissenting opinion about this book.)

Another recommendation I've read about here is Principles of Mathematics by Allendoerfer & Oakey.
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Feb13-12, 06:51 AM
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A series I really liked is the Gelfand high school mathematics collection: Algebra by Gelfand and Shen, Trigonometry by gelfand and Saul. They're challenging and rewarding books, you can't go wrong at the price they're at.

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