What are the orders of (x,v) and (x,u) in A x B?

by feyomi
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Feb18-12, 11:06 AM
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If A = {(x,y) : x = y = e, yx = xˉy} and B = {(u,v) : u^4 = v = e, vu = uˉv}, how do I go about finding the orders of, say, (x,v) and (x,u) in A x B?

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Mar28-12, 12:02 AM
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Your writing seems to be wrong: as you put it, both A and B are sets of ordered pairs, but then again you write elements of A x B as pairs of elements, NOT of pairs...I think you meant to write that A, B are groups, A generated by x, y and B by u,v with the given relations.
Then in A x B, both elements (x,v), (x, u^2) clearly have order dividing 6. The only thing left to do is to actually research deeper what exactly x,u,v,y are within those groups...(for example, in A the element of order dividing 3 is conjugate to its inverse, whereas in B the element of order dividing 4 is conjugate to its inverse...what does this mean?)

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