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How to write an Applet to display a heap

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Mar10-12, 01:01 AM
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Ok so I have the heap part written but I dont understand how to do the Applet at all. I have figured out there is a special way an applet must be written and I wrote a simple applet that displayed a blue box just to test but I am wondering how I would get it to display a heap in the way it wants me too?

(Heap visualization) Write a Java applet that displays a heap graphically, as
shown in Figure 24.7. The applet lets you insert and delete an element from the

public class MinHeap<E extends Comparable>{
private java.util.ArrayList<E> list = new java.util.ArrayList<E>();

public MinHeap(){

public MinHeap(E[] objects){
for (int i = 0; i < objects.length; i++)
public void add(E newObject){
int currentindex = list.size() - 1;

while (currentindex > 0){
int parentIndex = (currentindex-1)/2;
E p = list.get(parentIndex);

if (newObject.compareTo(p) >= 0){
list.set(currentindex, p);
currentindex = parentIndex;

list.set(currentindex, newObject);
public E remove(){
if(list.size() == 0) return null;

E removedobject = list.get(0);
list.set(0, list.get(list.size() - 1));
list.remove(list.size() - 1);

int currentindex = 0;
while(currentindex < list.size()){
int left = 2*currentindex+1;
int right = 2*currentindex+2;

if(left >= list.size()) break;
int max = left;
if(right < list.size()){
if(list.get(max).compareTo(list.get(right)) < 0){
if (list.get(currentindex).compareTo(list.get(max)) < 0){
E temp = list.get(max);
list.set(max, list.get(currentindex));
list.set(currentindex, temp);
currentindex = max;
return removedobject;
public int getSize(){
return list.size();
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