using PC SPIM and converting hex and binary

by TBonety
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Mar22-12, 08:10 PM
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Hi there, new to the forums, but in need of assistance. I have been looking around and have found some helpful stuff on this site. I found myself visiting this site more then once, so i decided to make an account. Anyways my problem is I have to choose any two mips instructions from this code i wrote and convert them into hex and binary. My problem is im kinda stuck.
I have chosen to do for one of my lines a simple addi function. It is:

addi $t2,$t2,1: to simply add one to my value stored in $t2.

in my pcspim i have some values and am unclear as what they do and how i should approach starting this.



My apologies if this is a very "newb" question but if i could just get a pointer on how to start this i would very much appreciate it.
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