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Help, looking for a philosophy book about theories of everything

by ivykink
Tags: book, philosophy, theories
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Mar29-12, 01:04 AM
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Hello all, I am currently trying in vain to find a book that i do not know the name of. I heard it mentioned somewhere that I can not recall so now am lost. Basically it is a book with (I think 50) interesting theories about everything. Like string theory parallel universes etc. Has any one heard of such a book or can suggest something similar?
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Mar29-12, 02:42 AM
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A few weeks ago I bought Guy Harrison's 50 popular beliefs people think are true, any chance you mean that?
Mar29-12, 03:45 AM
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Hey ryan thanks for the reply, i just looked that up and dont think its the book Im after, Its not really a critical analysis of the theories just some of the more out there and not so out there theories about the universe. Some with scientific reasoning behind them.

Mar29-12, 08:53 PM
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Help, looking for a philosophy book about theories of everything

What about "the road to reality" by Penrose??
George Jones
Mar30-12, 10:52 PM
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Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale: Contemporary Theories in Quantum Gravity

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