Could monopoles exist in a N-S bound state?

by johne1618
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Apr2-12, 07:02 AM
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Despite decades of searching magnetic monopoles haven't been found.

Could it be that they are existing as bound states of a North and South monopole?

One could model such states as a Bohr atom. It seems that the ground-state binding energy would be much more negative than the combined positive rest-mass of the two monopoles.

If two monopoles fell into this ground state then they would be emitting more energy than their combined rest-mass. I think this would be in violation of energy conservation. Though maybe they could exist as a ground state monopole "atom" with negative mass (probably not).

I suppose that a bound state could obey conservation of energy provided that it is in the first excited state with a binding energy that is less negative than the combined monopole rest masses so that the resulting monopole atom has a minimum positive rest mass.

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Apr2-12, 08:53 AM
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Despite decades of searching magnetic monopoles haven't been found.


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