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Synthetic beings ?

by phylotree
Tags: beings, synthetic
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Apr4-12, 10:07 PM
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Synthetic bacteria have been created, which isn't new anymore,

But I don't know how to correctly define "synthetic" in this work. Are those synthetic bacteria possessing complete identities as those in nature ? Did they try out the bacteria's most observable behaviors ? I am interested in cooperative activities in bacteria reproduction and replication.
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Apr18-12, 08:45 AM
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The M. mycoides synthetic genome is considered "synthetic" because the DNA used began in a DNA synthesis machine, using lab chemistry techniques to produce it. The actual genome was pretty much a replica of the natural one, with some "watermark" DNA added to uniquely identify it by the creators (like the watermark on money, or the signature on a work of art).

If i remember correctly they may have deleted some DNA that they considered unnecessary, but it was largely just like copy-paste.

The same folks, JCVI, have also been interested for a while in a minimal genome, and had talked of deleting as much DNA as possible while still retaining self-replication and growth of cells.

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