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Reaction pathway of (di)chloramine and sodium carbonate

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Apr16-12, 05:56 PM
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Hello, just wondering what would be produced when chloramine and dichloramine is introduced to sodium carbonate. In a reaction including dichloramine I can't decide whether the reaction would proceed as the following:

NHCl2 + Na2CO3 ---> 2NaCl + CO2 + NO + H


NHCl2 + NaCO3 ---> NaCl + CO2 + NaOCl + N

When using chloramine:

NH2Cl + Na2CO3 ---> NaCl + NaOH + CO2 + H + N

There were other pathways I could think of, but did not see them as viable.

When a lone nitrogen or hydrogen is produced I assume they form diatomic molecules, not reacting with anything else.

I may be completely wrong on all of this, feel free to correct.
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Apr17-12, 01:45 AM
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Check out this link. While it doesn't say anything about reaction with a carbonate, my bet is that the carbonate will be mostly responsible for modifying pH, otherwise it will be just a hydrolysis.

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