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Adobe Digital Editions

by DaveC426913
Tags: adobe, digital, editions
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Apr27-12, 10:48 PM
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Does anyone use this?

I don't understand it. I've got this software app so that I can put ePub books on my Sony eReader, but the app doesn't browse any library. Do I go to Chapters and download A.D.E.s there?

What's crazy is that I've done it once - I successfully put a book on my reader - I just don't understand how I did it.
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Apr28-12, 06:01 PM
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Regarding importing '.epub' files into your Adobe Digital Editions library, this works for me:
  1. note the location of the '.epub' file
  2. launch Adobe Digital Editions
  3. click on icon that shows list of books in the library (upper left-hand corner)
  4. find dropdown box 'LIBRARY' upper left
  5. click dropdown box arrow
  6. click on 'Add item to list' or 'Add item to library'
  7. dialog box opens; go to location of desired '.epub' file
  8. double-click on filename of desired '.epub' file
  9. last action shows filename in list of books in Adobe Digital Editions library
  10. find it in list, click arrow button to left, select 'open item'
  11. text of the epub book appears

Let me know if it works for you.

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