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The value of spring constant in Mass spring system in an elevator

by abrowaqas
Tags: constant, elevator, mass, spring
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May1-12, 04:46 PM
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A mass spring system is in elevator which moves upward with an acceleration "a" . What will be effect on the measured value of spring constant compared to its value when elevator is at rest.

K= F/x
At rest F=mg
But with acceleration

I think the value is increased because the acceleration is added to the force .. Am I right ?
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May1-12, 06:08 PM
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Put in some numbers, and see what happens. Say, you've had a 100g mass cause a 2cm displacement on a spring while the elevator was accelerating upwards at 2m/sē. What is the spring constant really? What would you say it was if you weren't aware of these 2m/sē?

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