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Melting NaCl (table salt)?

by Artlav
Tags: melting, nacl, salt, table
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May3-12, 01:07 PM
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I was thinking of making an MWIR lens from table salt, which is quite transparent for it.
That needs a big, monolithic cylinder of salt - 3x1 cm.
Now, growing it the classic-oversaturated-solution way would take forever, if feasible at all.
And i want to try to just melt some salt and cast the piece that way.

So, primary question - what kind of safety concerns are there about heating up and melting table salt?
Would it just melt, or start decomposing/reacting somehow?

And a secondary question - is there a point?
That is, would it solidify into something monolithic without using Kyropoulos method or similar?

Bonus question - given the goal above and a set of household materials, how would you proceed to achieve it?
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May3-12, 03:01 PM
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It should work. There are some relating papers but most of them are fee-based. Here is a free paper with a brief description of a Czochralski method:

You can also buy finished crystals:

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