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Magnetic object and Magnet!

by Cluelessness
Tags: magnet, magnetic, object
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May6-12, 05:27 AM
P: 9
This may be a dumb question but I am so lost and would appreciate any help!

Is there a way to quantify the attractive force between a metallic object and a magnet?

With numbers not qualitatively? I was under the impression that with a metallic object everything was microscopic so itd be impractical..

but is there a way? formula or equipment?

Please help me and thank you so much in advance
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May6-12, 08:38 AM
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It is possible, but in general it is tricky to do.
I don't think that "metallic object" is what you are looking for - if it is not ferromagnetic, the force is usually negligible. Many metallic objects in daily life are made out of iron, which is ferromagnetic, but most metals are not.

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