Wave amplitude

by torbenmf
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May8-12, 07:16 AM
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I have now in some time tried to figure out a way to calculate the peak amplitude of a water wave, after starting the wave motion by dropping an object, with a certain weight from a given height, in the water.

I am not in need of the information, but it would be nice to know.
I will hope that you could help me understand this :-)
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May8-12, 07:35 AM
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I don't know how to do that, but I do not it's not simple....The density, shape, and size
of the object will have to be taken intio account....For example, imagine a long pipe or rod
dropped...if on end,vertical, very different than if horozontal.....or notice the size waves expert divers make...the splash is an indicator of the entry efficiency....

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