How can I possibly correct this?? Grades, studying, understanding..

by DrummingAtom
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May9-12, 04:13 PM
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The last two semesters for me have been extremely frustrating, grade wise. I start off every class great, 95%+ tests, quizzes, homework. Then after a month I get slugged down to C's with literally everything. This trend continues for about 2 months, then the final month of classes hits and I'm back to 95%+ scores. In the end, I finish with B's...

I don't really change study habits during the middle of the semester because things work great in the beginning. I feel like everything clicks in the final month, but no matter how hard I study during the middle it feels like I'm completely lost. Then looking back I think how easy that stuff was and I should have gotten A's on everything. I guess my question is how can I learn faster during the middle of the semester?
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May10-12, 09:27 PM
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I have had the same problem in several of my classes including Calc 1 and Chemistry. At the end I am like wow that actually was pretty easy once it all clicks together. What I did was basically take two classes at once. I did all the assignments the teacher assigned for the class, and at the same time (at my own pace) I was following this online study guide for the class in its entirity. I was able to get ahead using this method.

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